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About CafeMP3
"I am a music lover and I have this FreeBSD unix machine that's full of MP3s, maybe about 2000+ MP3 collections of both OPM and foreign songs. Since I own a small computer rental and I know about web servers setup, I thought of what if I make those MP3s available in the local network so that others can put on their headsets and enjoy the MP3s by browsing, searching and clicking on the songs in a web-based interface. CafeMP3 also allows users to add to a main MP3 Jukebox that is continuously playing in the computer shop. Now, CafeMP3 is not only accessible via the LAN but anywhere in the Internet. I can listen to it when I'm in the office or give the URL to my friends so they also access the MP3 collections. It's all about sharing music to everyone. Some sites would take you to sites with full of pop-ups just to be able to download or get the song you wanted. Some web-based MP3 jukeboxes are so complex that it's very difficult to install. Unlike CafeMP3, you just need to create a directory under your Apache web directory, separate the songs by author, install the CafeMP3 and voila! CafeMP3 is there to show you the indexes of all your MP3s with search songs feature, create new playlists and add songs to main jukebox!"

The CafeMP3 is an easy to install and user-friendly LAN Web-based Jukebox wherein MP3/Audio files resides in Unix server, users can search a song from the collections, LAN users listen into one central speaker system, users can create/edit playlists. Shown below is a snapshot of the easy to use interface. All songs are sorted by singer. To view the songs of the singer, click "View Songs of this Artist" and to view all 2000+ collections of MP3, choose "View All MP3 Collections" and click on "View Songs". The "Add to CafeMP3 Playlist" adds a song to your main playlist that is being played on a loudspeaker system being heard by everyone. The "Add to User Playlist" add a song to specific user playlist. "View Lyrics" allows you to view the lyrics of the song.


Features of CafeMP3

The CafeMP3 is a LAN Web-based Jukebox. It features the following:
  • web-interface
  • MP3/Audio files resides in Unix server
  • users can search a song from the collections
  • LAN users listen into one central speaker system
  • users can control music on/off
  • users can create playlists
  • users can listen from their own PCs using their own playlists
  • users can add songs on a playlist
  • users can request a song and put in a playlist
  • users can save the list and save it for CD-burn service
CafeMP3 diagram
How to install CafeMP3?

  • Operating Systems can be any of the following
    • FreeBSD-4.x, FreeBSD-5.x, Linux Fedora/Redhat, Suse, Mandrake, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Windows XP
  • Web server platform
    • Apache-1.x or Apche-2.x
    • IIS
  • Scripting Language
    • Perl
  • Knowledge in:
    • Unix file system/directory/commands
    • SSH clients


The CafeMP3 downloads are hosted in Sourceforge. The CafeMP3 installation manuals differs by version. Choose the version of the CafeMP3 you want to download and read the INSTALL file that comes with it.

Version 1.0 -- Download Now

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